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Updated July 24 2018
The first entry port will to be Kupang as in past years at 10° 09 and 123° 34' located 420 miles W.N.W. of Darwin and from there you will be able to follow our route across the country.Passage Route. Click Lavalon NTT Tourist Information Center for good information about Kupang and the nearby islands.

Sail Indonesia Rally Planned Stop Overs for 2018
Most Important: Any navigational information or coordinates mentioned on this page, our web site or any of our documents or publications are a guide only and should not be used as navigational information on their own. In recent years a number of yachts have run aground some sustaining serious damage and in one case a yacht was lost completely. The reason for this that on both electronic and paper charts positional errors have been discovered which can be more that half a mile, extreme caution is essential at all times.
July 24
The Technical Briefing will be held on Tuesday July 24 at the Darwin Sailing Club Training Room for Sail Indonesia and the following destinations in Singapore and Malaysia.
This Briefing will provide formal instructions regarding the start procedures, radio schedules and your arrival in Indonesia as well as a range of other useful information. Presentations will also be given by representatives from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia and will be followed by a question and answer session. This briefing is compulsory, the skipper and one other member of the crew must attend.
July 27
Australian Customs and Outgoing Clearance will be for all yachts at the Darwin Sailing Club Training Room on July 27 (the day before the start) beginning at 9 am
July 28
The Start from Darwin of Sail Indonesia will be in Darwin Harbour at 10:00am on Saturday July 28, 2018.
Kupang 10° 10’ 123° 35' August 1 - 4
This is the main port city in eastern Indonesia located at the western end of Timor and is known as the place where Captain Bligh finished his epic journey across the Pacific after the mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty in June of 1789.
After Inbound Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Port clearance you can enjoy the Welcoming Ceremony by Local Government, and the Bupati in addition there will be a Gala Dinner, Cultural Festival and Exhibition with local tours, woven blankets, arts and crafts exhibits. Fuel and Water orders will be delivered to each yacht. Free time to go on a tour or make your way to Alor. Field handling will be done by Humfrey

Wini 09° 09' 124° 30' August 5 - 7
Details to be advised regarding Tanjung Bastian beach and Fulan Fehan Highland. Field handling will be done by Humfrey

Alor 8° 13' 124° 30' August 9 -12
The town of Kalabahi is the main town on Alor has been a popular stopover in past years, this year there will be an art and cultural Expo Opening ceremony at the city Sports stadium presented by all islands of the region. This event will have up to 1000 participants with traditional costume, dance and song. Outing to Alor Besar by bus. Always a cultural treat with beach party with swimming and snorkelling. Gala Dinner then sail to Lembata. Field handling will be done by Sony from Alor Tourism.
Lembata August 08° 21.9' 123 24.3' 15 - 18 Field handling will be done by Lembata Tourism Office.

Adonara Anchorage 09° 14 123° 13 19 - 20 August

Maumere 23 - 25 August
Maurole August 23 - 25 08° 30.07 121° 46.33 Field handling will be by Tourist Association and Tourism Office
Riung August 31 - September 3 08° 121° 1.70 Field handling will be done by Vincent
Labuan Bajo September 4 - 7
Sumbawa 9 - 12 September
Sumbawa - North Lombok September 15 - 20
Buleleng September 23 - 30 08° 8' 115° 01'Bali as a world famous tourist destination really needs no introduction. The schedule of events for Bali is not final at this time but will include cultural shows and dances that Bali is world famous for as well as dinners and island tours. The International Airport is 20 minutes from Denpasar and there are many flights to all Indonesian and worldwide destinations every day.
Bawean October 2 - 5 October 2 - 5
Kumai October 7 - 10 The Kumai River is on the south coast of Kalimantan, here is the world famous facility where Orangutans that have been kept in captivity are reintroduced into the wild. Rally participants in past years have described their visit here as one of the highlights of their stay in Indonesia. Tours with Korindo should be arranged in advance and can be booked direct with them. To see details and great photographs of a previous trip up the Kumai river by the crew of Billabong in 2007 see the STORIES page of our website.
Belitung October October 13 - 16 02° 23' 107° 40'
Bangka Selatan October 18 - 21 October 18 - 21
Bangka Induk October 22 - 25
Penuba October 27 - 29
Palau Benan October 30 - November 2
Tanjung Pinang November 3 - 6
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