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Page updated June 29 2016
2016 News and Information

We will be working in Darwin from next week - the morning radio net has changed and will now be at 0945 on VHF Channel 77 Monday to Friday and you will be able to meet John , Tel 0472 656 859 at the Darwin Sailing Club also Monday to Friday from 10am until 12 noon.

June 14 2016
One important thing we have only just become aware of is that is that from now on all yachts that enter Indonesia must be equipped with AIS

The Indonesian Government Regulation PERATURAN PRESIDEN REPUBLIK INDONESIA - NOMOR 105 TAHUN 2015 - TENTANG KUNJUNGAN KAPAL WISATA (YACHT) ASING KE INDONESIA means that beginning from 2016 the requirement that all cruising yachts visiting Indonesia must have a CAIT (Cruising Approval for Indonesian Territory) in addition the yacht Customs Import Bond will no longer be required. The Rally Entry Fee has been reduced to $375 AUD as we no longer have to arrange for any of this documentation.

Important - As these regulations for yachts and their crews entering Indonesia has changed for the first time in almost 40 years, for this year it will be a learning experience for us all and there maybe a few hiccups but we will do our best to negotiate these regulation changes and make it smooth sailing for you.
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our Sail Indonesia Kupang University Scholarship program that is now in its seventh year, please take time to read about it as it offers you the opportunity to help us to make a valuable difference as you cruise around the world.
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