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Page updated January 20 2016
2016 News and Information

At this time there are some major changes in the Indonesian Government regulations concerning the regulations and procedures for visiting foreign yachts. The Import Customs Bond is planned to be cancelled an also a CAIT will no longer be needed.
The situation is that while the old system is being cancelled there is not a clear procedure in place at this time for visiting yachts so we are not able to make definite plans to follow these procedures.
At this time we will proceed as we have done in the past 15 years but being prepared to change to any new system that is arranged to replace the old system.

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Email Communication
We understand there are download limits with some onboard email systems and there are new systems coming into use from time to time. When you email us please let us know if you are using email with download size limits and give us a second email address for sending you any attachments.
Indonesian Yacht Import Bond
The old Customs Import Duty Bond regulations for visiting yachts were changed in December of 2011 - Read More>
The Kupang Univerity Scholarship
Please see
our Sail Indonesia Kupang University Scholarship program that is now in its seventh year, please take time to read about it as it offers you the opportunity to help us to make a valuable difference as you cruise around the world.
Returning to Australia from Asia
If you are planning to return to Australia from Asia please see our web page at
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