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This page revised June 16 2015

Indonesia's Customs Regulations For The Temporary Import of Sail Indonesia Yachts

The regulations below seem a little complicated but please do not worry - as a participant in Sail Indonesia you our staff will arrange all the paperwork and procedures for you.
These regulations regarding the temporary entry of foreign flagged yachts and other marine pleasure craft entering Indonesia were changed on October 31 2011 when the Indonesian Customs Regulations, PERATURAN PRESIDEN REPUBLIK INDONESIA, NOMOR 79 TAHUN 2011, TENTANG KUNJUNGAN KAPAL WISATA (YACHT) ASING KE INDONESIA were signed into law by the Indonesian President. If you wish we can email you a copy of this regulation.
Sail Indonesia yachts DO NOT pay any Import Duty charges for their visit to Indonesia. The former regulations that required a Cash Bond to be paid at the time any foreign yacht entered Indonesia was cancelled and replaced with simpler regulations - below is an explanation of this legislation.
These regulations require that any visiting yacht must simply complete their PIB (Temporary Import Documentation) at the port of entry into Indonesia. To to process your PIB documentation a letter of guarantee is needed from one of the following Approved Bodies in Indonesia;
A. Government Officials of the Central Government of the level Echelon I or equivalent.
B. Government Officials of a Local Government Office of the level Echelon II or equivalent which act as an organizer of the a foreign visit tour boats (yachts) in their region.
C. Organizers of foreign cruise ship and yacht visits.
D. General Agent.
After your PIB has been processed a yacht is then clear to cruise to any destination in Indonesia as listed on the CAIT and will be covered by this PIB procedure. It is planned in the future that the PIB may be extendable, along with a new CAIT every 3 months.
At your final port of call in Indonesia, the boat must be exported using PEB (Yacht Export Documentation) which we have simplified into an easy piece of paperwork for you which can be processed by the yacht's captain, yacht agent or a local representative.
To comply with these regulations any Organization such as Sail Indonesia planning to hold an event in Indonesia is for them to use an Approved Indonesian Body or Organisation as mentioned above to arrange the PIB and PEB documentation.
When any event is over the Approved Body that first provided the Letter of Guarantee must then arrange the PEB to show Indonesian Customs that all items mentioned in the initial letter of guarantee (in this case all participating yachts) have left the country. If the Approved Body cannot do this then the Approved Body becomes responsible for the payment of the Import Duty.
As a result of these regulations it is a condition of your entry into Sail Indonesia that you will advise us the name of the port and date that you and your yacht checked out from Indonesia and that you email us a scan of the Clearance Form from your last port in Indonesia.
These new regulations are implemented across a vast maritime country but some local port local offices and authorities have been slow follow to the regulations.
The implementation of these new regulations is still becoming clear, we have information (dated July 3 2012) that any individual yacht planning to visit Indonesia will need a local agent to arrange their temporary import. Also we have received some information that at some ports there is a now a requirement that the boat captain or agent must submit an RKSP, Rencana Kedatangan Sarana Pengangkut (Notice of Arrival) at least 24 hours before the boat arrives otherwise there may be penalty on arrival of 5,000,000 Rupiah, equivalent to $550 USD.
This information on this page is according to the the official Government Regulations and is the best we have and as explained above it may not be followed by the Customs Officials in all ports. This page is updated with the latest information as we become aware of it. There may sometimes be local variations and implementation of these regulations in different ports, as such we can take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information for yachts that are not part of Sail Indonesia.

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