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Welcome to our website - Sail Indonesia is an annual yacht rally that has run every year since 2000 and 2017 will mark our seventeenth year. For this year our rally will depart from Darwin on July 29 and this will be the beginning of a three month program of linked events across Indonesia. These events will be supported by the Indonesian Central Government as well as the Local Government Centers at the destinations you will visit as you cross the country. This web site is to promote, co-ordinate and manage our rally.

The Indonesian Government Regulation PERATURAN PRESIDEN REPUBLIK INDONESIA - NOMOR 105 TAHUN 2015 - TENTANG KUNJUNGAN KAPAL WISATA (YACHT) ASING KE INDONESIA now allows cruising yachts to visit Indonesia using a much more user friendly process and no longer need to have a CAIT (Cruising Approval for Indonesian Territory) or pay a Customs Import Bond for the yacht.

More than 1200 yachts have joined our rally across Indonesia during the past sixteen years, please see our Stories page where you will find links to many yacht web sites, blogs, guides, diaries and accounts written by some of our participants from these years.
For the up to date list of entries for this year see the Entries Page.

Sail Indonesia Rally Route
To see a a Google map of the Rally Area and stopover locations from Darwin through to Langkawi in Malaysia click here.
During the three months following your departure from Darwin all participants are invited to participate in a linked series of Events and Cultural Festivals at the different stopovers across the country on the islands of Timor, Banda, Lembata, Wakatobi, Flores, Sulawesi, Bali, Java, Borneo, Belitung and finally on to Batam or Bintan just south of Singapore.
Under the managemant of the Indonesian Sail Tourism Association ASWINDO led by Dr Aji Sularso you will be able to experience different peoples and their cultures, different lifestyles, different arts, different crafts, wonderful foods and of course different languages. You are welcome to participate in all events and stopovers after your first port of entry in Kupang, as the Indonesia Organising Committee at each port will provide you with hospitality, reception and festivities. You do not have to participate in all the events on our rally as there will simply not be enough time. After you arrive in your first port you can then join the events that suit your schedule. You will be able to see some of the more remote, interesting and less developed parts of Indonesia as you cross the country often away from the well worn tourist areas.
Singapore is a wonderful stopover, ideal for all services, transfers and a break, after your long voyage across Indonesia. Singapore is home to Raffles Marina, a full-fledged country club, offering a first class range of all facilities and services. Located at the west end of Singapore, away from the hustle and bustle of city, you can immerse yourself in our unique nautical surroundings.
Raffles Marina provides easy access to Singapore’s best sailing and cruising waters, a full service boat repair yard and dry stack storage for powered boats. Protected by a solid breakwater, it offers the comfort of a safe and calm stay. Shore power services, freshwater supply and Wireless Internet are also available around the clock. Sea view sunsets, alfresco dining or taking a dip in the landscaped tropical pool are just a few of the treats in store for visitors. Raffles Marina welcomes you!
Sail Malaysia - Sail Indonesia works in partnership with Sail Malaysia and after our Sail Indonesia program across Indonesia ends at the end of October you can then take some time out and sail on to Singapore and Malaysia. Sail Malaysia begins from Putri Harbour Marina, Johor Baru located just north of Singapore and sails up the west coast of Malaysia again in a series of linked events finishing at the island of Langkawi in the second week of December.
There will be an additional entry fee for the Sail Malaysia event and again you are able to make your own way up the coast of Malaysia and participate in the stopovers that suits you schedule.
Please Note - All care has been taken in the preparation of this web site, it contains the best information available to us at any time. However in Indonesia the situation and regulations often change without notice and there are often local variations of Central Government regulations. We do our best to keep informed of the latest information and continually update our web site with any changes - so please understand for these reasons that are beyond our control Sail Indonesia cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information mentioned on our web site.
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